Armor Paving & Sealing has proudly served central Ohio since 1985. We apply thousands of gallons per year using the highest quality Brewer products. We also add sand at a rate of 2-4 lbs per gallon and add an additive to increase viscosity, facilitate better sand suspension, speed up dry time, and increase traction.

Sealcoating is the best way to preserve the life of your asphalt. New asphalt should be sealed after the first year of installation and sealed every 2-3 years after. This also depends on traffic and weather. Asphalt sealer safeguards asphalt by placing a protective barrier on the surface and ultimately prevents early pavement deterioration. A high-quality coating will provide the following benefits:

  • Extend the life of your asphalt
  • Restoring that clean, rich, new-look appearance
  • Prevents oxidation, raveling, and cracking
  • Prevent damage from car fluids, water, and salt

Armor’s staff is fully dedicated to the planning and execution of every project to meet our customers’ needs with as little interruption or inconvenience as possible.