Commercial Crack Sealing & Concrete Repair Services

Surface Lots & Driveways Deteriorate Over Time – We Can Fix This

Over time, even high quality surface lots, driveways, and pavement surfaces will be affected by weather, wear and tear, and temperature changes. This wear and tear causes cracks, which will eventually widen and cause an acceleration in the deterioration of your pavement. If left untouched, the lot can deteriorate into potholes and loose gravel.

Repairing Commercial Pavement Cracks

Depending on the width of the cracks, hot mix asphalt or hot rubberized crack sealant can be used to limit water intrusion and subsequent degradation of the asphalt. This process can be done by itself or in combination with sealcoating. We use oil jacketed and direct fire melters and only the highest quality Crafco products. Areas with severe and excessive cracking could indicate additional asphalt work is needed.

Sealing the cracks will not only make your parking lot, driveway, or pavement surface look better, it will prevent the wear and tear from accelerating and persisting. This effectively can extend the life of your pavement, preventing heavy costs of having to purchase and install

new pavement. If you’re interested in how much you can save by repairing existing pavement complete reinstallation, we offer free estimates – just reach out to us for a quote request.

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