Columbus Pavement Sealcoating Services

Why Asphalt Deteriorates Over Time

Asphalt surfaces are subject to immense wear and tear on a daily basis. This comes from the pressures exerted from traffic and normal use, as well as exposure to chemicals, weather, and the hot and cold cycles of the seasons. As a result, no paved surface lasts forever, and all will deteriorate if left unmaintained.

Sealcoating to Protect Asphalt Deterioration

One solution developed to minimize the breakdown of paved surfaces is to apply a sealcoat. Sealcoating acts as a barrier that protects asphalt from most of the forces that cause deterioration, which will help to drastically extend the lifespan of your paved surfaces. For most, since the cost of sealcoating is often a fraction of the cost of completely resurfacing a paved surface, this is a far easier and more economical option for them. Additionally, sealcoating helps to keep your paved surfaces looking well-maintained and clean.

A Reliable Partner for Your Sealcoating Needs

At Armor Paving and Sealing, we take our work seriously, and have been successfully helping our clients since 1985. We believe this is a testament to our successful partnerships, repeat service, and satisfied customers. Additionally, our focus is on cost-effective solutions that can maximize the lifespan of your existing pavement surfaces instead of trying to maximize our own billing. Because we know trust is important, our core values reflect this, as does our everyday work.

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